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The history of C’la Vie Conciergerie

Originally from Bayonne, I grew up peacefully in St Martin de Seignanx, lulled by the Tarnosian and Boucalais cultures of my parents. After finishing my studies at the Biarritz hotel high school in 2003, I plunged into the professional world by embracing the rhythm of the seasons

portrait of oliver rodrigo



I realized the importance of mastering a foreign language, which led me to perfect my English in the United States until 2011. Subsequently, a multitude of international opportunities were offered to me, leading me to work in prestigious locations such as St. Barth, Saint Martin, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ibiza and Monaco.

Back in 2019, I had to face the challenges posed by the pandemic which hit the restaurant industry hard. These rich experiences, both on a human and professional level, instilled in me the value of a job well done, rigor and meeting customer needs, essential principles that guide my daily work.


Today, as a concierge in Landes, I put at your service not only my professional expertise, but also the valuable lessons I have learned throughout this journey. Every interaction with you is a new opportunity to create memorable experiences and meet your needs with excellence.

I'm proud to be able to share my expertise with you, and I look forward to accompanying you on all your adventures, whether big or small. Because for me, true luxury lies in the attention to detail and the satisfaction of seeing a smile on your face.

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